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Our mission is to fit all healthcare professionals with the world's most luxurious and comfortable medical apparel at a very affordable price.

Are you tired of wearing medical apparel that you think are comfortable but are really not?

Do you work 12 hours shifts or longer and your scrubs look more tired than you do?

Do you and your entire staff need to look your best for your patients AND feel great all day? Nothing says pride and success like a unified team.  They will represent you and your office to your highest standards.

Nu Luxe Scrubs is here to solve all of those problems.


We believe we have the most luxurious AND comfortable scrubs on the market today for a price that doesn't cost you an arm and a leg. 

Yes. Affordable, Luxurious, and Comfortable medical apparel exist.


We are it!

Start enjoying your Nu Luxe Scrubs today.

Warning! Compliments will be plentiful. You and your staff will look amazing in Nu Luxe Scrubs.

"Best Scrubs You’ll Ever Wear or It's Free" New Customer Guarantee

Always Free Shipping, Free Returns.

Purchase with confidence. 

The HIGHEST compliment our customers can give is the referral of

their friends and family to also wear NU LUXE Scrubs. 

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